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Place $40 BTC with our Trading Partner.
50% = $20 of the capital goes to the
Company for trading. The capital
returned to you at the end of 365 days.
You earn up to 0.66% a day for 365 days.
The other 50% of the capital is allocated
      to a
ffiliate commissions.

Get Residual Income with the 3 x 12
     Matrix Plan that Pays between 1%
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Develop your own mining network. The mining network works with 10 recommendation levels, which means that you continue to earn money from the mining of your partner, whose partner.

In addition, the number of recommendations at each level is unlimited.

By just inviting a few people, you can significantly increase your income.

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The unconditional basic income for everyone. Get your basic income of about 150 Palai daily. The goal is that the exchange rate in a few years at 1 € per Palia.
With that you would earn about 150 Euro basic income every day.

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